Trending Holiday Nail Art

When the holiday comes, you do not just wear regular polish. It would be best if you looked exquisite in a unique mani that everyone envys. Whether you are celebrating virtually or with your friends, your nails always get noticed, and their look matters a lot. However, some people do not know the nail designs you wear on holidays and those you wear regularly. However, we plan to make your holidays this year better by introducing some of the best nail designs that you can try out. Furthermore, we do not intend to make you spend a lot because these designs use ordinary polishes like OPI nail polish, to mention a few. All you need is to shop for your OPI gel, SNS dip powder or any other festive polish and use it to transform your look into one of these elegant festive nail designs.

Top Trending Holiday Nail Art

It’s Cold Outside

A change in weather is always expected, but it does not mean that all the cozy fun should go to your outfit when it is cold outside. You can become a little more creative and transfer the same fun look to your nails. The design is sweater-inspired; thus, you should match the same look with your best sweater. Besides, the design will stand out amongst your friends and family; therefore, it is worth trying. Nevertheless, you do not have to wear it during cold weather only. It is a festive and holiday design that you can use to rock your night outs and vacations. If you wish to try the design, the Vernis A Ongles OPI Nail Lacquer is an excellent colour to use.

Classic with a Twist

Twists are always meant to add fun and elegance to your typical manicure. This year, a twist would not be so bad to transform you into a beauty queen because you deserve it. If twists are your thing, Classic with a Twist will make you feel on top of the world. The nail art is designed using red and classic white colours where instead of colorblocking them, you create abstract art from the same pellets. To provide the design with full holiday effects, complete it by adding a dash of green. This way, you will have achieved the elegance you desire. Your new look will give your friends and colleagues goosebumps as the results will be irresistible.

Timeless Traditions

This classic candy cane nail design promises happy holidays and elegant looks throughout the festive season. Of course, you desired happiness away from the busy office environment, and this design can give you just what you want. When you are out shopping, do not forget some red and white shades to create this world-class mani.

Snow Queen

The queen’s season is here, and we would like you to join the club. The Snow Queen design is one of the most elegant designs that you can wear during the holidays. It provides you with a glitter and rhinestone mien leaving you sparkling like the stars. The design’s base comprises the OPI gel High Definition Glitter Collection or any other similar nail polish. The bejewelled mani provides you with an Optical Nailusion that will leave you looking luxurious and oozing with elegance.

Spin the Dreidel

Holidays are made memorable and fun by the numerous activities we engage in, including honouring traditions. You can honour the traditions during this year’s holiday by wearing the eye-catching Hanukkah nail art. You have to spin the dreidel stylishly with this minimal and bold nail design mien.

Keep It Glitzy

Multicoloured nail looks will dominate this year’s holidays. If these interest you, we have got one that can make you stand out. Keep it Glitzy is a multicoloured nail design that provides your fave holiday shades with a little sparkle. You can just let it shine on its own or pair it with your favourite jewelry for an enhanced look.

Jolly Holly

Everything does not have to be complicated on holidays. You can keep it simple and still be the star in a crowd. The Jolly Holly design is a minimalist holly design that screams elegance and happiness. If you love minimalist designs, this one will leave you surprisingly stunning. The uniqueness you get from the design is out of this world. Just try it out, and you will always desire to wear it throughout the year on every occasion.


Happiness is the holiday’s theme, and we have uncovered a few nail art designs to make you happy. How would you like people admiring you all holiday? It is an innate desire that we all share, and wearing gorgeous holiday nail designs can satiate your cravings. This year, you need more fun than ever before. Therefore, purpose to make yourself happy by going for one of the nail designs above.