How to Grow Strong and Beautiful Nails

Having fabulous looking nails is easy. You can either go to a salon and have your nails done by a professional nail technician or learn to do it the right way and have it done on your own at home and at your own convenience. Either way, you still have to spend some time to do a perfect manicure or pedicure. Nonetheless, however long-lasting the SNS dipping powder you use on your nails, the day will still come when you need to have your nails done again.

Nice hands on white towel

Constantly exposing your nails and your hands to some nail polish products, especially a LDS nails polish remover, may cause your nails to become brittle and weak in the process. So, how do you keep your nails strong while keeping your nails beautiful?

Let us show you how.

1. Keep your hands out of the water

Frequent hand washing and exposing your hands to water will over hydrate and expand your nails with the water that they absorbed. However, the nails will contract as the moisture dries up or evaporates. This leaves your hands and your nails drier with each exposure and causes your nails to chip or break easily.

You can use hand gloves if you would need to wash the dishes, or do things that will require you to use your hands. Make sure, however, that the gloves that you are using are thin and big enough that your hands will not sweat as this will also allow moisture to sink in the pores of the skin and the nail bed.

2. File your nails properly

It is not just how you file your nails, but the kind of nail file that you use to shape your nails will define how your nails will look and feel after you have your nails done. It is best to use a fine grit cushion nail file (grit grade 180 and higher) as this is gentler on the nails. File in one direction and gently instead of back and forth as this will weaken the edges of your nails. It will also cause your nails to rip, break, or tear easily.

3. Use nail paints that are chemical-free

Chemicals that are added to any nail polish formula such as the toxic trio (toluene, phthalates, and formaldehyde) can damage your nails. Fortunately, there are organic nail polish formulas that are made to be vegan, gluten-free, and cruelty-free. These nail polish brands (OPI gel polish, Kiara Sky, SNS) are just a few of the many available in the market that won’t strip your nails and skins of their natural oils.

4. Nourish your cuticles

You don’t need to trim your cuticles. When preparing your nails for a manicure, use a wooden orange stick to gently push the cuticle back. Pampering them with nourishing oils will also them moisturized. You can use natural moisturizers, cuticle creams, and balms to repair the cuticles and the nails. The cuticle is part of your nails so you need to look after its health to keep your nails grow strong and beautiful.

5. Have a nail polish holiday

Your nails also need to rest. Having nail polish on your nails for quite a long time will eventually damage your nails even if you use the safest available nail polish products available. It is not actually the nail paint but the constant exposure to the chemicals that may be used in the removal process that can make your nails to become brittle, thin, and dry. Give your nails some time to rest in between a manicure or a pedicure.

6. Prefer a healthy diet

Eating healthy is a sure way to keep your body (that includes your nails) free from radical damage. Incorporate foods that are rich in magnesium, vitamin D, antioxidants, fish oil and coconut oil.

7. Keep your nails short (just not too short)

This is the easiest way to keep them from unintended tension from accidental pressure. Shorter nails are also easier to manage.

8. Take Biotin supplements

Biotin is the only natural supplement that has been tested and proven to be effective in strengthening the nails. Though it is non-toxic and has no known side effects, you still need to consult a doctor if you intend to do so.

Starting to see unsightly changes on your nails? This could be the time to do one or more of these tips to bring the life back to your nails.