An Exciting Range of OPI Neon Shades to Make a Fashion Statement

The best way to beautify your nails and look gorgeous is to go for a gel manicure. The first nail polish name that comes to mind is OPI gel nails because OPI offers more than 200 shades for each color. Of course, that is a massive color choice. However, you can choose a specific color and comfortably stick with the different shades for more than two years. This article discusses one such beautiful collection from OPI colors, the Neon Shades.

Different OPI Neon Shades to Suit Every Occasion

Neon colors are attractive because they display fluorescence and shine beautifully in the dark. Let us see some exciting neon shades that can make you the center of attraction at the party.

The Shining Reds – An incredible range to choose from

Different OPI Neon Shades to Suit Every Occasion

Few colors can stand up to the bright reds in beauty and elegance. Red is the favorite of almost all women globally, with every woman wearing the red shades at some point in their life. The red colors in the Neon Collection are unique because they glow in the dark. So, if you wear them at the party, your nails would glimmer along with the lights and music to make for a beautiful spectacle. Of all the red neon shades, the Cajun Shrimp is an eternal favorite because of its sheer beauty.

The Beautiful Pinks – Make you look sensual and hot

Different OPI Neon Shades to Suit Every Occasion

While red is a versatile choice, some people do not prefer it for one reason or another. Such people can tone down their preferences and go for the beautiful pinks. The OPI Neon Shade collection has an excellent range of pink colors. The best feature of the pinks in this collection is that they allow you to look at your best in various ways. For example, you can exude innocence with the light pink shades, whereas the deeper hues can bring out the mischievous person in you to look sensual and hot.

The Mesmerizing Violets – Make a flowery statement

Different OPI Neon Shades to Suit Every Occasion

Violet is fast trending as an excellent party-choice color because it offers a beautiful range. You can have light purple shades on your nails to match your dancing gowns. Simultaneously, you can plump for the darker violet hues and make a lasting impression on the minds of people attending the party. The exciting aspect of violet is that it matches every attire and makes you look gorgeous. The exciting colors in this range include violet, purple, lavender, lilac, and many more. If you look at the shades carefully, they resemble beautiful flowers. Hence, the mesmerizing violets give out a flowery feel with their aroma and shine.

The Light Blues – The right transition color shade

Different OPI Neon Shades to Suit Every Occasion

Blue is a beautiful color that looks great in almost all seasons. However, it is at its attractive best during the transition period between seasons. The summer is gradually ebbing away, and the nights have become longer. The cold winter months are still far away, but the nip in the air and the falling leaves make for an exciting autumn. The neon blue shades are ideal for wearing on your nails during the transition from summer to autumn. This beautiful color is available in exciting shades that allow you to make a compelling fashion statement.

The Greens – Perfect for the party dance floor

Different OPI Neon Shades to Suit Every Occasion

Neon greens are excellent colors on your nails because they naturally shine. The lights reflecting on the nail surface make you look bewitching. This shade is perfect for the dance floor as it can draw everyone’s attention toward you and make you the centerpiece of attraction at the party. Besides, the green gel nail polish suit your party dress and let you rule the show.

The Neon Yellows – Can be overwhelming

Different OPI Neon Shades to Suit Every Occasion

No shade can be as beautiful as neon yellows because these colors can suit every skin tone, occasion, season, and attire. The user need not have to make many adjustments when wearing neon yellows because the colors shine beautifully. The most exciting feature of neon yellows is their availability in a massive range of colors, from creamy butterscotch yellow to the deepest ochre yellow shades. Thus, you can choose your favorite shade and make a lasting impression on the minds of everyone at the party.

Wrap it Up

Choosing the right neon shade to wear at the party can be challenging because of the various colors on display. We have discussed six beautiful shades, each of which can look lovely on your nails and take your attraction quotient to the next level. So, if you are searching for the most enchanting nail colors to wear, you need not look beyond the OPI Neon Shade collection. You have colors to suit every occasion and mood. So, wear your favorite OPI colors and dance your way to glory at the various parties you grace.