Know Which Gel Color Polish to Wear for Impressing Guys

Imagine if you were a young girl in her teens or early 20s. What would be the first thought when you sit down for a nail manicure? Would it not be which gel color polish to have to impress the guys? If this is true, then you are very much similar to me. So, as we are on the same wavelength, let us discuss which nail gel colors can get closer to the guy we love.

Do you realize that one of the first things guys notice on girls is their hands? So, it makes sense to wear the best colors that could attract him towards you more. Besides, do you know that men love their women to have beautifully painted nails? So, here are some excellent gel color polish choices for women to wear to impress their guys.

Best Gel Color Polish to Wear for Impressing Guys

The ruby red is the universal favorite

Best Gel Color Polish to Wear for Impressing Guys

Ask men to name the top three colors they would like their girlfriends to wear, and red will be there in every man’s choice. But, red always tops the charts when it comes to nail polish colors. It has to because red is the most eye-catching and alluring color that you can ever hope to see on your woman’s hands.

You have an exciting choice of red shades lined up. But, while the bright and deep reds are alluring, the color that can catch your guy’s attention is the ruby red. The most exciting option of having ruby red nails is that they can match your lipstick shade and set up an extraordinary meeting with your beloved.

The magenta finish brings out the woman in you

Best Gel Color Polish to Wear for Impressing Guys

Men love their women to be tender and demure because it gives them the importance of protecting their lady. However, women love to be pampered, and hence they like to show their men that they need their attention more than anything else. The magenta shade on the nails makes you look ladylike and innocent while enticing the men more toward you.

Magenta is a timeless shade that suits all dresses and seasons. You can wear magenta all around the year and still look as attractive as ever.

The coral pinks have their charm intact

Best Gel Color Polish to Wear for Impressing Guys

Coral pink is the first color that catches your attention when you mention the word spring. This enchanting pink shade is a fantastic color that never seems to go out of fashion. Men love this color because it looks great on almost all skin types, from the fairest to the woman with the most beautiful tan.

While the coral pink can be endearing, it evokes fun and subtlety. Besides, it looks pretty and natural at the same time. So, coral pink should top your list if you are looking for colors to keep your man enchanted all the time.

The emerald green can be classy

Best Gel Color Polish to Wear for Impressing Guys

While the reds and pinks have always enticed men, the emerald green is one of the most beautiful shades you can have. This classy shade is excellent for dinner dates and formal events. Emerald green gel color polish comes in various shades, with the lighter hues looking more attractive than the darker colors.

Besides, the emerald-green shade looks heavenly when you combine it with gold, as it produces an exceedingly stunning color combo that can set any dancing floor ablaze.

The lavender can have a pleasing effect

Best Gel Color Polish to Wear for Impressing Guys

You cannot separate women from floral tones, and lavender is one of the most attractive colors you can ever wish to have on your nails. Besides, lavender ranks as the best earthy tone on your skin. So, if you have not yet tried it, the best time to do it is now. As the lavender shade suits all attires and occasions, you can use it to charm your guy and make him dance to your tunes.

No wonder men love their women to have lavender in some way or the other. It can be the dress color, flowers, or even your nail polish shade.

The nudes can launch a thousand ships

Best Gel Color Polish to Wear for Impressing Guys

No color looks as beautiful as the nudes because they come the closest to your original skin tone. The nails look like the perfect extension of your fingers as the nude polish shines its way through the floodlights on the dance floor.

While looking the simplest and most natural of the colors discussed here, the nude nail polish is the perfect shade to maintain a low-key appearance. However, this color always steals the show by managing to look the most elegant of all color gel nails.

Final Words

We have discussed six exciting shades of gel color polish you can have on your nails to entice you guy and impress him. While all colors suit women, these six colors discussed here stand head and shoulders above the rent when it comes to having your best man by your side.