7 Compelling Reasons to Buy Gel Polish

Nail polish is an indispensable part of every woman’s cosmetic makeup kit. Along with other makeup items, you will find a range of nail manicure accessories. Every woman has her favorite nail manicure. While some prefer to have acrylic, some are more comfortable using dipping powder. If there is one nail polish that every woman would love to have, it is the gel manicure.

Gel polish has unique advantages over other nail manicures. Though it requires a lot of practice to perfect the gel polish manicure, women have mastered the tricks. They are competent to carry off their DIY gel manicure with the same degree of professionalism displayed by nail salon technicians. It is essential in today’s scenario where going to a salon for a nail manicure could end up with you contracting the pandemic.

Here are some compelling reasons to purchase and use gel polish that every woman should know.

Gel polish is available in an exciting color range

Women love to have colorful nail polish adorning their nails. The advantage of gel polish is that they are available in a fascinating color range. You have so many options that you do not have to repeat a specific shade twice in your life and still have hundreds of shades untried. However, you should ensure to purchase quality nail polish because the marketplace is full of spurious products that can harm your nail rather than beautifying it. So, when you buy OPI gel, you are assured of excellent quality.

Though a bit expensive, gel polish is preferable in the long run

While you can get cheap nail polish products in the market, they are not popular because they do not last long. Gel polish is different from such third-rate products because of the quality of ingredients that go into its manufacture. These ingredients can make the gel polish expensive compared to the sub-standard products available at cheaper rates. Even though the OPI nail polish price might be more, it is advisable to prefer it over the other unhygienic nail products.

Gel polish can last long, even up to three weeks comfortably

No one would like to have a new nail manicure weekly or fortnightly. A good nail manicure takes time. Hence, women always prefer to go for nail polish that lasts long. Gel polish is the right choice because it can comfortably last for three weeks or more without needing a touch-up. The only thing that necessitates its removal is your nail’s natural growth that pushes the polished portion out.

Gel polish resists chipping and cracking if appropriately applied

As you keep using your hands for various activities, there are chances for nail polish chipping or cracking. Such an incident requires you to act immediately and repair the nail to maintain your attractiveness quotient. Gel polish scores over other manicures because they are resistant to chipping and cracking frequently. However, you should follow the proper procedure for applying gel polish and use high-quality ingredients.

Gel polish dries much faster than acrylic paint

Acrylic paint was every woman’s favorite because of its excellent glossy finish and durability. The primary disadvantage of acrylic polish is that it takes a long time to dry. Resultantly, you could end up with smudges or have dust particles sticking to them. You do not have to contend with such challenges when using gel polish. The gel polish topcoat dries instantly when cured under the UV lamp for a minute or two. Nowadays, you have soak-off gel polish products that require lesser drying time.

Gel polish has a beautiful glossy finish

Today, you have different kinds of nail polish like dipping powder, etc. Dipping powder lasts comfortably for three weeks or more and is also one of the easiest to apply. However, you do not get a glossy finish with dipping powder. You always have to fall back on your gel manicure to get the high-gloss shine and have the camera lights flashing at you all the time.

Gel polish helps your nail grow longer

Many people think that gel polish contains harmful ingredients that can damage the nails. However, there is no truth in these beliefs. When you buy OPI gel colors set, a high-quality product, you can be sure that it does not contain any toxic components. On the contrary, gel polish helps your nail grow longer and healthier by reducing the risk of breaking or chipping at the edges.

Final Words

The seven compelling reasons discussed above should inspire every woman to prefer gel polish to other manicures. Though the OPI nail polish price can seem high initially, you can deduce that it is worth every dollar you spend on them. By lasting long and enhancing your nail’s beauty manifold, gel polish proves that it is beneficial in the long run.

Now that you know why to buy gel polish, you will not hesitate one bit when ordering your nail polish online in the future.