Top 5 Best Kind of Tattoo Ink: Which Tattoo Ink Should You Choose?

Top 5 Best Kind of Tattoo Ink: Which Tattoo Ink Should You Choose?

Being a tattoo artist, it is a must to have a good collection of the finest tattoo inks that can satisfy the customer’s needs. In this profession, you require different types of equipment. But no equipment remains forever with you except the tattoo ink. Having a variety of tattoo ink can become your identity. Below are some of the best inks that are safe to use on any skin type.

Intenze Zuper Black Professional Tattoo Ink

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As clear from the name, it is a dark black tattoo ink sterilized in a certified lab. When applied, Intenze ink heals very darkly in the skin. No animal testing has been done, so it is vegan-friendly. The formulation of this ink has been done differently.

It is formulated not to dry out and comes packaged in a tamper-proof bottle. You can use it on arms, back, chest, legs, hands, and neck. Taking care of the safety, this ink meets the highest health standards and even cuts down known hazardous ingredients found in other inks.

Millennium Mom’s Viper Red Tattoo Ink

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This red tattoo ink is a homogenized mixture that makes sure to maintain the vibrancy of your new art. Known for its consistency, the color of the ink will not fade out. It will remain the same and give the same output every time.

Made in the USA, Millennium Mom’s is the best red tattoo ink and is trusted by professional artists for its quality. The pigment used in its making makes the ink safe to use on any skin type. Due to its top features, your tattoo will maintain the same vibrancy for a long duration.

Radiant Colors Pure Uncut Tattoo Ink

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This authentic tattoo ink has been made in the USA. The pale flesh color disperses quickly with other tattoo inks. Interestingly, the flow rate of the ink is lightning fast that flies right into the skin. The radiant color bright color palette comes from the Southern United States and Mexican origins.

It is easy to apply this ink because of its superior quality. The ink is sterilized and made from uncut, pure, and homogenized pigment. This brand has used the latest technology to develop in this field.

Kuro Sumi Tattoo Ink

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People with dark skin tone often get worried about the ink they should use for getting tattooed. Kuro Sumi is the best color tattoo ink for dark skin. It is a super bright ink and vegan-friendly as well. All the colors made by this brand are organic and do not cause any side effects on the skin.

A large variety of colors are available to choose from. All the colors are bright as well as bold. Moreover, it is blindly trusted by professionals everywhere as no toxic ingredients have been used in its formation.

World Famous Vegan-Friendly Ink

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Many professional artists use this ink to create their beautiful pieces of art. As clear from the name, this ink has never been tested on animals and does not contain any animal product in it. So, they are ultra-safe and pure.

Known to be the best ink to be used on sensitive skin, World Famous inks are sterilized using gamma-ray radiation and then tightly sealed in a crystal-flex bottle. The bottle is waterproof as well as tamper-proof. There are over 50 colors available for every job.


All the products listed above are supernatural, world-safest, and high-quality inks. You can choose any as per your requirement. Order now and get ready to have a wonderful experience of tattooing with the best tattoo inks. Don’t forget to come back to share your experience with us.