Criteria for Having Perfect Nail Sets with SNS Dip Powder Color

Previously, nail services (acrylic nails) and gel nails were considered the two most popular services at nail salons. However, the trend changed, dip powder color nails were born, it gradually became popular and dominated the market in the nail industry. Dipping powder color is considered an important change, it is a new step in nail manicure technology, not only aesthetic but also beneficial for health. But understanding them is not easy. In this article, let’s talk about SNS dip powder color – a popular trend widely used in the nail industry.

SNS Dip Powder Color

Traditional acrylic powder is used for nail art and nail shaping with larger particle formula.

Traditional acrylic cannot be used with Resin or YN SlickPour Gel because the nail technician cannot control its thickness. This makes the nail thick and rough. Instead, we will look to SNS dip powder color.

The product on the market is called dipping powder and SNS nail dip color is the best powder with an extremely reasonable price.

Is Dipping Powder or SNS Dip Powder Color Safety or Not?

Some guests are worried about the safety of the dipping powder as well as SNS dip powder, fearing their health effects if they inhale the fine powder and accompanying solutions. Therefore, customers often choose acrylic or gel. But in reality, all nail services are very safe if the ball or manicurists follow the method and do it properly.

If you do not know, ranked 3rd in the Top 10 best nail polish brands for nail salons is SNS – which stands for Signature Nail Systems – This brand is known for its leadership in dip powder technology. SNS dip nail colors also owns a lot of colors as well as dip powder colors to help protect nails from damage. In addition, SNS dip color also contains nutritional ingredients such as Calcium and Vitamins to help strengthen and protect nails.

Nail technicians need to carefully choose product brands with clear origins and origins. SNS dip powder color has been thoroughly tested by the FDA and is certified by the Ministry of Health. Therefore, nail technicians can promote these organic ingredients to customers to increase their confidence when going to the salon.

Dipping powders are versatile but not suitable for all services. Pigments and fine particles do not work to their full potential if used incorrectly. Nail technicians need to know what to do, to choose what is best for the customer. This not only helps to bring good quality to the nails you create, but also gives you the trust and confidence of your customers. So as to earn a large number of loyal customers, SNS dip powder color is a good choice for you,

Benefits of Using SNS Dip Powder Color

If your clients want a long-lasting nail set, SNS dip powder color is a great choice with its 14-day durability. This is also an unscented product line with a solid resin formula, activators and fine powders, high in color, creating a shiny and natural design and you can get it with a very good deal also.

If you are a starter and you want to do your own nail. SNS dip powder color is also suitable for you because it is so easy to use, all you need is practicing and you can absolutely beat it! We ensure that you will have a great experience when using it. You can create beautiful and unique nails by using SNS nails and when you are more skilled and skillful, you will have nail sets that are no different from nails manicured in the nail salons and ofcourse you can save a lot of money by using it. So, it’s not an expensive experience, is it?

The Process of Performing Nail Powder Dipping Service

Remove old paint and trim nails

File the nail, remove the skin around the nail (the corner of the nail)

Use a nail drill to clean the nail surface

File to shape nails more evenly

Dip the dough (usually customers will be de-oiled, powdered and dried)

Use a specialized grinder to smooth the newly dipped powder layer

File again the nail shape, then smooth the surface of the powder

Styling according to customer requirement

Final Thought

Dipping powder is probably the most popular trend that is gradually asserting its advantages over gel nails and acrylic nails with surprisingly simple steps. The reason why SNS powder dip are so popular and hot today, the answer lies in safety and simplicity. Compared with traditional gel and acrylic paints, dipping powder coating is a new method that is safe for health.

Surely with these 8 steps, you will know how to do SNS nails. If you are still confused about nail knowledge, do not hesitate to contact us.