Baroness X La Luz 2.0

I took the week off to deal with some personal stuff and to recover from illness. I’m still recovering but I feel a lot better with each day. Alright, I’ll confess I have been procrastinating by playing Pokémon Go as well. I decided to give the game a try since so many of my friends were having a great deal of fun with it.. As if I needed another distraction from blogging, right? I have a bit of a backlog of polishes I purchased to review but I can always fit them in as time allows. I figure no one minds seeing pretty polish.

Today I have another beautiful polish from Baroness X as well as  a new hand care product. I really enjoy this indie brand a great deal bot for the quality hand care products and their unique polishes. I purchased the reformulated version of La Luz, appropriately named La Luz 2.0. The new version is supposed to have a slightly cooler toned purple. I don’t own the original formula of La Luz to compare. To me, it looks like a light orchid purple. It could almost pass for pink leaning lavender as well. I do love the color a great deal.

The new color is supposed to help the turquoise shimmer stand out better. The shimmer in La Luz 2.0 is very strong and stands out nicely. I love these polishes with contrasting shimmer that really stands out. In addition to being a beautiful shimmer polish there is a soft scattered holographic added to it as well as a few larger silver holographic particles. I like how the holographic adds a little something extra but doesn’t take away from the beauty of the shimmer.

La Luz 2.0 dries to a smooth satin finish and doesn’t have a textured feel at all. This is actually one of the easiest shimmers to use that I currently have in my collection. Shimmers can be notorious for being very sheer and needing several coats to be fully opaque. Indie shimmers tend to have a lot better formulas and La Luz 2.0 really blew me away. It was almost fully opaque on the first coat and a second deepened the color to match what was in the bottle and made it even and fully opaque. As I have mentioned before, I enjoy the wide brushed with the rounded tips that Baroness X uses. The tip fits the curve of my cuticle pretty well and almost covers my nail in a single swipe so I don’t ever overwork the polish.

I did not use any topcoat for my photos so you could see what the polish looks like in its natural state. However, I’m sure La Luz 2.0 would look even better with a glossy topcoat and the shimmer is so strong that I doubt it would be lost with one.

You can purchase La Luz 2.0 now from the Baroness X website. I highly recommend this polish if you are a fan of contrasting shimmer polishes or just a fan of purple polish. What do you think? Is this a polish you would want to try?